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90 Minutes Workshop

The perfect introduction to perfume creation.

This 90 min session puts you in the shoes of a “nose”. In front of your individual organ filled with a selection of exclusive perfumery ingredients, you will answer a short questionnaire about your preferences and personality. Then, you will be guided through the detailed process to create a well balance perfume or a completely unusual scent as you wish.

Because you are unique and we want your perfume to be one-of-a-kind creation. Your 30ml bottle of perfume will be carefully showcased in a beautiful packaging.

Price: 80$USD includes a 30ml bottle of your creation


3 Hour Workshop
(Brief history +90 minutes workshop)

For those who want to go deeper into the experience.

The first part of this session is a lecture on the role of Indonesia in perfumery. You will be introduced to some of the most famous fragrances and you will be able to touch and smell the exclusive perfumery ingredients that they are made of.

The second part of this session is the 90 min workshop. You will walk-away with a certificate as a souvenir of your olfactive experience and a 30ml bottle of perfume carefully showcased in a beautiful packaging.

Price: 125$USD includes a 30ml bottle of your creation and the certificate




Children Perfume Workshop
(Age 5-11 yrs old, the workshop lasts from 40minutes to 1hour)

Introduce your children to the Art of Fragrance creation and developpe their interest for perfumery.

They will be able to select and identify various smells and use the laboratory utensils to create their very own scent. They will walk-away with a certificate as a souvenir of their olfactive experience and a 30ml bottle of perfume carefully labeled with the name they will choose.

Price: 35$USD includes a 30ml bottle of your creation and the certificate




Perfume Workshops in the Comfort of your Villa


The 3 hour and 90 min workshops can take place in the comfort of your villa for a minimum of 4 person.

Limited to Seminyak, Canggu,Jimbaran, Nusa Dua, Ubud and Sanur areas.

Price of the selected workshop + 5$USD/person


Corporate Perfume Workshops

These inspiring sessions are perfect for corporate gift or team bonding activity.

We run creative perfume workshops from 20min to 3 hour according to your needs and  the size of your group.

we can host the workshops in our different venues or in your facilities (hotel conference center, hotel ballroom...)

Price: to be determined according to the size of your group.


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