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Nora Gasparini- Founder

" During a trip to Bali in 2006, I fell in love with the Island of Gods. Short after, I decided to stay there for good..


The champaka incense, flowers, smells and the enchanting surroundings led me to my obsession with perfumery and Indonesia itself.

I passionately developed "L'Atelier Parfums & Créations", which offers a unique travel opportunity. The concept is simple: while embarking on a virtual journey through the most famous, as well as the most remote and hidden Indonesia, one can explore the vast variety of fragrances this extraordinary country has to offer. It is a unique experience.

From this trip, I am sure you will get this little light of inspiration you need to become the creator of your very own scent.

I’m Nora Gasparini.

My team and I will be honored to host you.

We wish you a beautiful journey!"