Do we use naturals ingredients?

As much as possible, we always prefer to use high quality natural components. By chance, Indonesia is one of the biggest suppliers of natural raw materials for the Perfume industry.

Sometimes, and only when natural products are not available, we need to create blends using a combination of naturals, synthetics and natural isolate molecules to reproduce the smell of an individual ingredient or an olfactory impression.

We respect that some of our customers prefer to use only natural products. We remain transparent about which ones are naturals and which ones are not: You have the full control of your organ for you to use them or not.

Can I create a perfume for commercial purpose?

The core purpose of our activity is to offer custom sensory experiences for our guests to immerse themselves in the shoes or a real perfumer. The result is a one-of-a-kind creation they can proudly wear.
A product development for commercial (mass consumption) is a long process (in months) that does not match our purpose.

It is still possible for you to make your own creation and use it as a wedding favor or corporate gift by ordering a larger amount. We propose discounted prices with minimum order purchases. Please contact us to discuss this matter.

Can you deliver perfume internationally?

• International shipping: Alcohol higher than 70% is internationally classified as Class 3 Dangerous Goods and is not allowed to be shipped with regular carrier and post. Specific authorized couriers exist, but are quite expensive. Contact us!

• Indonesia: We deliver our perfumes all over Indonesia by road only, at a flat rate shipping fees of 10$USD, it can take up to one week.

• Bali: We propose free delivery by courier all over Bali

Please note that Perfume with Jojoba oil base, body lotion and shower gel can be shipped internationally, and locally. Please contact us!

Can I use your certificate for professional purposes?

No, the certificate you receive at the end of your workshop is a souvenir of the time spent with us. We are not a training institution or a school.

It requires many years of learning and experiencing with formulation to become a Perfumer.

We aim to unveil the mysteries surrounding the perfumery world and industry by using objective facts and perfumery science.

We crafted different experiences for individuals to be in the shoes of a perfumer and create a one-of-a-kind creation.

My child is 12 years old, can she/he attend a children workshop?

We do not recommend the children workshop for your teenager. The children workshop has been designed to keep children entertained while learning a new skill. However, it can be boring for your teenager who is old enough to attend the 90 minutes workshop.

When can I attend your Perfume workshop?

Anytime, Everyday! We host workshops every day from 9am to 10pm (depending on our 3 locations). Check the different open hours here. Book now!

What is the difference between the 90-minute workshop and the 3-hour workshop?

The theory part!

In the 3-hour workshop, we will introduce to you some of the most beautiful Indonesian ingredients and you will get to touch and smell their application in the most well-known perfumes (Sneak peek: you will have the opportunity to smell the rare Ambergris, weirdly called the Whale vomit)

But not only! We also talk about history, facts and perfumery science. The second part of the workshop is the 90-minute workshop.

In between, we will enjoy an authentic Indonesian snack and juice during a break time.

Book your 3-hour workshop here!

Can I refill my perfume?

YES! We keep your formula for years.

We want you to be able to wear your creation as long as you want. Reorder your perfume online Here!

Do you use preservatives in your alcohol?

We use 100% natural sugar cane alcohol and distilled water to formulate our perfume and create our tinctures, that’s it!

Can I adapt my fragrance to candles, lotions…?


During our workshops, we formulate in Perfume alcohol.

We offer to adapt your fragrance into perfume jojoba oil based, body lotion or shower gel.

We have to adapt the formulation to be stable in emulsion and oils. This is not a process you can do by yourself.

Do you have Coffee beans in your studios to reset our nose?

This myth has been around for so long that it is almost impossible to find a fragrance store without coffee beans. You will not find coffee beans in our studios. With a bit of training you could keep smelling for hours.

We understand it can be overwhelming at first to smell so many different fragrances. But smelling coffee beans is just adding an extra smell. You don’t need more confusion.

To deal with an olfactory fatigue, you can either smell your own skin (inside your elbow for example) or take a short break by stepping outside for fresh air.